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Check Valves

Check Valves
Flexi-Hinge® check valves feature improved design, higher-pressure ratings and superior performance. All Flexi-Hinge® valves operate without a spring and will open with 0.10 PSI of pressure and seal with ½ PSI of back pressure. Please click on any of the product photographs or titles below to learn more about the item.

502M Check Valve 

 513 Check Valve

514 Check Valve 

502M Male Threaded Ends Check Valve

513 Victaulic Grooved Ends Check Valve

514 Plain Ends Check Valve

515 Check Valve

503 Check Valve

504 Check Valve 

515 Plain or MTE End Check Valve 

503 Raised Face Flanged Check Valve

504 Flat Face Flanged Check Valve

 581 Check Valve

 518 Check Valve

581 Long Pattern Raised Face Flanged Check Valve  

518 Wafer Style Check Valve




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