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Flexi-Hinge® Next Generation Design

The Flexi-Hinge® Next Generation internal components design, incorporates a fully supported valve plate configuration. This design eliminates adverse loading of the hinge/seal primary component.

The Flexi-Hinge® design transfers the valve plate pressure load directly into the center post support.

 Flexi-Hinge Check Valve Advantage

Figures 1a and 1b show the resultant pressure action on the Flexi-Hinge® internal components. This valve plate/center post arrangement is fully supported in all planes, thereby eliminating severe loads in the hinge area of the seal.


Other valve manufacturers still employ inferior spring activated check internals and wedge plate door design. Such weaknesses hasten failure, resulting in costly down time and valve refitting.

Choose the Flexi-Hinge® design that keeps your flow moving in the right direction.

 Flexi-Hinge Check Valve Advantage

Our competition's valve plate configuration, shown in Figure 2a and 2b, acts as a cantilever, knife-edge, which can result in premature failure of the hinge/seal primary component. Pressure load on the valve plate is transferred into the plane of the hinge post (wing support), as well as perpendicularly into the hinge clamp (wing pin). This resultant load induces a high stress on the elastomer resilient hinge area of the seal.

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Flexi-Hinge Check Valve Advantages
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