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Flexi-Hinge refuses to participate in recession

On a recent sales trip to Indianapolis, IN, I called on a longtime customer.  As I drove up, I noticed more vehicles in and around their shop than I had ever seen before. When I inquired, they confirmed their workforce had increased, but the reason for the congestion was the new addition that was nearing completion.  This new production and storage addition almost doubles their current square footage.  “Wow, how are you able to do that when most everyone in our industry is cutting back,” I asked.  I was told that their President in his annual meeting this past January stated, “THEIR BUSINESS WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE RECESSION.”  What a refreshing outlook. 

So today, I’m signing on and stating that we, at Flexi-Hinge®, refuse to participate in the recession as well.  We will press forward with our plans to expand.  Our new updated website goes active this week and plans for new advertising and marketing initiatives are in the works.  It’s a modest start, but it is that “can do” attitude that built this country and it is that spirit that will pull us through.  So spread some optimism one person, one business at a time. Take the pledge with us and REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN NEGATIVE THINKING.


Robert Melani

John Maclay  - Excellent Post     | |2009-05-01 10:16:18
Great sediments Bob!

A Recession is like depression. If you surround yourself with depressed people, then guess how you'll end
up feeling?

It's important that we don't buy into the
woe-is-me groupthink that the media feeds us. If we move a little faster when the economy slows, then we, our companies and our
country will be that much further ahead when it resumes business as

Plus, who likes feeling depressed anyway?
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